Newsletter no.4

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Newsletter no.4

International Project Meeting

The 3rd transnational meeting of our EU-supported project ''CrItic-Critical internet usage'' was held in Nazilli Turkey on 18/09/2022. Hosted by Nazhayat, the meeting was attended by  Fundacja Pro Scientia Publica (Poland) and Kairos Europe Ltd (United Kingdom). The main agenda items of the meeting were discussed in detail and the activities to be carried out in the next stages were reviewed. Accordingly; Each partner organisation will have two adult training courses based on the prepared toolkit. The training procedures will be finished in November, and we'll spread the word about the events to as many individuals as we can. In this sense; since June 2022, Kairos Europe has already started several piloting and dissemination events across Europe presenting the Critic project to groups of adult educators, pratictioners, community workers. They run workshops on the topics of the Toolkit  (, collected feedbacks, and invited participants to evaluate the main project outcomes.

The workshops run in June and July 2022 involved over 25 participants , and the dissemination event organized on 23 rd of July inSouthern Italy by Kairos Europe together with its international partners Itaka training was attended by over 70 professionals, members of the local community and the direct target group. In terms of dissemination, Kairos Europe Ltd will hold a promotional event in November with the participation of social communities from their region.
FPSP and Nazhayat institutions also continue their dissemination activities within their local communities. The main purpose of the activities carried out so far is to focus on the use of the toolkit produced by the partnership, and to ensure that the usage of the critical internet is more reciprocated in society. Pre and post-satisfaction surveys will be developed and implemented to assess the toolkit's strengths and weaknesses.


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