Newsletter no.3

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Newsletter no.3


The aim of the meeting:
• To summarise and evaluate the first 14 months of the project
• To discuss the upcoming steps of the project
• To update the project working plan and Gantt Chart
• To fix the dates and places for the next TMPs

We had the meeting of our “Critical Internet Usage” project on 12, March 2022  in Wroclaw, Poland. Aneta Kobylarek and Martyna Madej on behalf of Fundacja Pro Scientia Publica, our partner Daniele Trevisan on behalf of Kairos Europer Ltd. from the UK, and President Mustafa ÇELİK and vice president Hasan Yüce on behalf of Nazilli Lifelong Learning Association attended the meeting. At the meeting, the activities organized within the scope of the project were evaluated. It was decided to prepare training materials, posters,s and leaflet studies in 3 different languages, as well as to organize reports, to develop the web page of these studies, and to increase the dissemination activities.

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