Newsletter no.1

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Newsletter no.1

On December 14th,we had the kick-off meeting of the newly approved Erasmus+ project crlTiC: Critical Internet Usage!
The project is led by Fundacja Pro Scientia Publica (Poland), in partnership with Nazilli Hayat Boyu Ogrenme Dernegi (Turkey) and Kairos Europe Ltd (United Kingdom).

Cybersecurity starts with critical thinking, thus the aim of the "crlTic - Critical Internet usage" project is to strengthen the self-confidence of Internet users and influence their awareness of the risks they may encounter.

The innovative element of the project will be the use of "creativity/memory training" elements in the toolkit, which will have a positive impact on learning and assimilation of information by potential participants. It will also be diversified by the scenarios included in the toolkit which make the training more interactive.

The project will result in the creation of a user-friendly toolkit directed at practitioners, educators, trainers, local community leaders and authorities. On the basis of the toolkit, trainings will be conducted among the local community, and there will be a joint-staff training in Poland.

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